Tuition and Scholarships

Affordable Tuition Options, Everywhere

Whether you pursue your degree at our Main Campus, online, or a mix of both, the University of Arizona offers affordable tuition options to put a U.S. degree within your reach.

Main Campus Scholarships
You will be considered for Main Campus scholarships whether you start your degree on the Main Campus or if you start your degree online and transition to the Main Campus later. Main Campus scholarships reduce the cost of tuition for full time undergraduate study. Graduate scholarships vary by program of study.

Affordable Tuition Rates for Online Study
Whether you start your degree online through a Customized Degree Path or complete your full degree online, your tuition will be priced by the credit hour, tailored to the country in which you will study. 

Study Abroad Savings
If you are completing your full undergraduate degree online, you can spend a semester at our Main Campus at your online tuition rate.


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5 Classes Per Semester
10 Classes Per Year

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