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Program Delivery

The UArizona Academy program is delivered through our Desire2Learn community or D2L. D2L is a course management system that provides a digital platform for creating community and providing course materials and activities such as syllabi, readings, recorded lectures, online quizzes, discussions, and assessments. Some of the modules embedded in D2L include:

  • Zoom for audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and other resources.
  • Panopto for recorded audio and video.
  • Examity for online exam authentication and proctoring.
  • VoiceThread for video and audio discussion boards and interactive and media-rich lectures, collaborations and discussions.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for photography, design, video, web UX and more.

More information about remote learning is available here.

Program Support

Our UArizona Academy students may have access to classrooms, computers and the internet through their high schools. Talk to your advisor to find out which resources are available for you. Additionally, there are many online resources provided by the University of Arizona to support your studies including:

  • Our 24 hour IT chat support center for hands-on help covering personal computers and all campus-wide technologies like UAWiFi, VPN, CatMail, UAccess, etc., as well as general questions about the University.
  • Think Tank – our online academic support service.
  • University libraries provide online support and resourcing for remote students.

For more information visit our online support page.

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