Graduate Cost & Funding

Cost & Funding


The University of Arizona helps students estimate costs like tuition, fees, books, living expenses, and required health insurance. The costs listed below are for one full academic year, and the range of tuition and fees reflect funding available from the university and outside organizations.

Tuition & Fees


Living Expenses


Health Insurance


Total Yearly Cost: $24,915–$70,775

*This assumes a full-time assistantship position. See below for more information.
**Actual living expenses will vary, but students must be able to prove they are able to fund this amount per year to obtain their I-20.


of graduate students earn a graduate assistantship.


At the graduate level, most funding comes from fellowships/grants, and/or assistantships.


Assistantships are departmentally based positions where graduate students are provided benefits, including a stipend, tuition remission, health insurance, and more in exchange for their work.

To learn about available assistantships, reach out to your academic unit of interest expressing your interest in and qualifications for their assistantship positions.

Fellowships & Grants

Fellowships and grants are monetary awards or tuition waivers that are offered by academic units or third party organizations that help subsidize the cost of education.

To learn more about fellowships offered by the University of Arizona, reach out to the academic unit that is appropriate to your discipline.

To learn more about third-party fellowships, search online for organizations that offer fellowships in your academic discipline, demographics, or abilities.


Scholarships are typically monetary awards or tuition waivers that are merit based, and are awarded to students based on their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, field of study, or other criteria. Scholarships exist at the graduate level, although they are less common than the other funding sources listed above.

Once you have enrolled Scholarship Universe is a great place to search for scholarship opportunities.


The University of Arizona Graduate College offers the following resources and guides to help you find funding opportunities on and off campus:

Funding Tips

General advice for finding funding opportunities to help pay for your graduate degree.


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Funding Opportunities

A list of graduate level funding opportunities maintained by the Graduate College.


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The Graduate Assistant Manual

Information about assistantships on-campus, and how to apply.


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Fellowship Application Assistance

This office mostly provides grant application assistance to current students, but their website contains resources that are helpful to prospective students as well.

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