What is Global Direct Online

What is Global Direct Online?

Earn a fully online degree from a top-ranked university or use our online classes as a path to your in-person studies in the United States.

As a Global Direct Online student, you’ll be part of our international network of students around the world just like you – bright minds with great ambitions. Your hard work and dedication will be matched by peers from around the globe and you'll be challenged and supported by top-notch faculty and experienced academic advisors.


Transition to Main Campus

Custom Degree Path

Start by enrolling in fully online classes offered through University of Arizona Global Direct Online. After 1 - 4 semesters, transition to in-person courses at the Main campus in Tucson, Arizona to complete your degree (or transfer your credits to another university). Our International Education Academic Advisors will work with you one-on-one to choose online courses that align with your intended major and will help you seamlessly transition to the Main campus.

Fully Online Option

Online Learning

If you prefer to complete a program fully online, you can choose from one of our undergraduate, graduate, or certificate options. University of Arizona online classes are just as rigorous, challenging, and focused on quality as our on-campus classes. They are taught by the same top-notch professors, and you will receive the exact same transcript and diploma as a student studying in-person.

How It Works

The Online difference

Our online programs are designed with flexibility in mind. Collaborative, hands-on courses last either 7.5 weeks or 15 weeks and we offer five start dates per year. Lectures are available to watch, and re-watch, anywhere and everywhere you are. Online discussion groups give you a comfortable environment to have small group discussions about the course content.

Wondering what it’s really like to be an online student? Explore the online learning system and hear from Arizona professors who dedicate their lives to helping students like you excel.

Communicate With Your Professors

Even though you're studying online, you still have access to our amazing faculty and staff. Communicate with them via email or attend their virtual office hours for some face time.

Student Success and Support

Global Direct Online students have access to academic support from across the University of Arizona. This includes access to University of Arizona Libraries, 24/7 technical support, tutoring services, and an International Education Academic Advisor to help you choose courses, navigate university processes, and answer any questions you have along the way.