Connect with Current Students at the University of Arizona

Got questions about life in Tucson or the University of Arizona? Ready to explore our student resources? Connect with current international students who are here to share their experiences!

Platform Guidelines:

  • Connect Carefully: Connect with 2-3 Unibuddies to hear different perspectives. Ask thoughtful questions and explore different experiences.
  • Be Respectful: Keep conversations on the Unibuddy platform respectful and polite. Inappropriate behavior or unrelated topics will result in a ban from the platform.
  • No WhatsApp Numbers: Please respect the privacy of our Unibuddies and don't ask for their personal WhatsApp numbers.

  • Admissions Support: Questions about international admissions? Contact your Enrollment Counselor.

Thanks for joining the University of Arizona Unibuddy community! Enjoy connecting with our ambassadors and learning about life on our campus.