Law (Undergraduate)


Law (Undergraduate)

Bachelor of Arts

Taking law school classes as an undergraduate provides a strong foundation for a career in law. Many students have described this practical and popular program as one of the best educational experiences available.

From finance to social work to government, there is an increasing demand worldwide for professionals with legal training in a wide variety of fields. The Bachelor of Arts in Law degree – a first-of-its-kind program available exclusively at the University of Arizona – provides training in critical skills that increase employability across multiple professions. It will teach you to "think like a lawyer" when solving problems and to make clear, logical arguments.

You will receive a core legal education taught by top law school professors in areas such as contracts, criminal and civil procedure, property, torts, and administrative law. Launch your career early with a legal internship, or qualify for an accelerated path to law school. This program offers many opportunities for networking, mentorship, interdisciplinary study, and specializing in a particular area of study or double major to pair with law.

Career Level:
Bachelor of Arts
Start Options:
  • August
  • March
  • October
  • January