Care, Health & Society

Care, Health and Society

Care, Health & Society

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Care, Health & Society prepares students to pursue careers in medicine, public health, nursing and other health professions.

This innovative, interdisciplinary degree program offered by the School of Sociology provides students with a unique opportunity to focus their undergraduate studies on the social dimensions of health and health care. Our core faculty members represent a range of disciplines and perspectives on health, including medical sociology, nursing, social work, public health and gerontology. The degree is applied because it requires a semester-long internship in a health-related organization. Graduates are well prepared to work in medical and health care support, public and social services, administration, human services, and community outreach. This major also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in a range of health programs.​

Career Level:
Bachelor of Science
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  • August
  • March
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  • January